Why I Dance!

What a few Rhythm Nouveau Students have to say:

“My fascination with tribal fusion bellydancing began as the dynamic Kash lead a Soma dance troupe on stage at IBDD in 2010.

The elaborate, elegant costumes, sensual, graceful dance style, and spunky, confident attitude of the dancers made a profound impact on me and the entire audience. As Kash performed a riveting solo at IBDD in 2011, the audience collectively held their breath from the second she started to dance, until the very last second of her performance. Her dance to the hypnotic, sensual tribal beat was beautiful & entrancing. From that day on, I was hooked on all things tribal 🙂  

I joined Kash’s RNDC tribal fusion dance troupe with great excitement in Nov 2011, where my own journey into the fascinating world of tribal fusion truly began. As a dance teacher, Kash has a remarkable talent to teach & inspire “ordinary” dancers like me to aspire to extraordinary heights. She invited dancers of any level into her first Performance Group, an act of faith on her part, which truly inspired me to give my very best & fully commit to her vision for this group. 

Dancing to the beat of the tribal fusion drum, and the friendships I made with my fellow tribies has been my saving grace during a particularly dark year in my life. I experienced depression, severe stress & anxiety this year, yet every time I arrived at Kash’s fun, relaxed dance class, it allows me to escape into a magical reality, where dreams are possible, and I can be truly happy 🙂

It is a priviledge to be part of the RNDC brand…” ~ Wonita

“When I first watched tribal fusion dancers perform I was amazed by their snake like movements & graceful arms.  I thought, I want to be able to dance just like them!  Since then, dancing has made me comfortable with my body.  It makes me feel good and is a form of expressing your inner beauty.   I love to dance & couldn’t imagine my life without it!”  ~ Roxanne

 “As a little girl I would watch a dancer, be it on a video, on a stage or the middle of the street somewhere, and I’d feel something deep within me stir. I’d be left feeling touched and inspired. For me dancing is one of the most beautiful forms of art, like a moving painting. It tells a story, conveys emotions, moves the senses, and is a form of connecting on an unspoken level, to one another. I dance because it makes me feel alive!!!

I love music, and when a song really speaks to me, I want to move, to communicate with it, and dancing allows me to do this. When I dance I feel like something within me has been freed, and I am left feeling whole again. I have a passion for tribal fusion belly dancing in particular because of the balance it offers. It requires strength and discipline, but at the same time provides a platform for endless opportunity. So many dance forms have influenced the style and continue to influence it, giving one as a dancer much freedom. I enjoy the expansiveness, and ever-evolving nature of this style of dance” ~ Vanessa

“Kash’s classes are a joy! She is an inspiring dancer and she explains things well, often in a very visual way. It’s a time for me to tune into and strengthen my body, and it’s a feminine and sensual dance. I also enjoy connecting with the other dancers.” ~ Kami

“As it’s said, Dancers are the messengers of the gods… so, let us dance in the sun with wild flowers in our hair. Dance allows me to be free, out of myself, more beautiful and more powerful. I love the diverse and modern elements of Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing from popping, locking, gothic belly dance to even folk dance styles. This dance and music lifts my soul.” ~ Megan

“I like the saying that I heard when I first started dancing 20years ago – Men sweat, Women perspire and Dancers glow! I am analytical by nature… I live and work in my head all day so dance has always been about letting go…of stuff…of the constraints of everyday life. Dance lifts me, it allows me to soar… it challenges my physical limits, tests my strength, yet is gentle and magical and a true expression of the soul… it’s a language that only a dancer understands.” ~ Tania

“Having experience and learnt a wide range of dance styles: meringue, salsa, caporales, samba, vallenato, cumbia, belly dance, all which are very energetic and incorporate wide range of movements, Tribal Fusion and ATS have allowed me to express the same intensity of dance in a controlled and deliberate style.  The challenges of the slow transitions, the layers, and the power of delivery in the performances are something that brings me extreme satisfaction and accomplishment!” ~ Wendy

A photo of my very first belly attempt with the love lady on the Crystal Nile!

“My love for belly dancing started in Egypt in 2006. We, that is, our cycling group that were attempting to cycle from Cairo to Cape Town , were invited by the Egyptian Tourism Board to  dinner and entertainment on a boat called the Crystal Nile. It was the first time I experienced belly dancing and fell in love with the dance movements. Since joining Kash and the Tribal Fusion belly dancing style, I have experienced better awareness of my body and a freedom to express my thoughts and feelings through dance and music. At 53 I’m trying to connect even more with my femininity and belly dancing does this for me.” ~ Irmie


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